Keep on dreaming, keep on fighting and never give up – that’s the message that Alessandro Galas’ first single „Sigue Luchando“ is advertising and at the same time it describes the musician’s very own story.

Born and raised in Paraguay, youngest son of a Paraguayan mother and a German father, Alessandro has always been a big dreamer and at the same time very passionate about music. But it was only in 2006, when he came to Hamburg – originally just for a visit – that destiny led him towards his predetermined path. When he decided to stay in Germany he was suddenly afforded various opportunities that reinforced his inherent love and passion for music.

During the following years he met great mentors within the Latin-American music scene, completed several courses at the Deutsche Pop Akademie in Hamburg and taught himself all the necessary deeds that helped him find his very own way into the music business.

Today Alessandro Galas embodies the combination of both, the traditional folk music of his home country such as the latest Spanish hits conquering the international chart lists – and he enhances those mutual influences by adding his own lyrics and compositions.

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